Minor Biomedical and Health Interventions

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This minor builds on recent developments within the field of biomedical
and health sciences and places them in a broader perspective (e.g.
societal, managerial, political and economic). In our current time we
face many challenges in health care due to new and emerging infectious
diseases, changing disease patterns, demographic changes, rising costs
of health care and globalisation. At the same time, new scientific
developments result in innovative products and services, such as novel
pharmaceuticals, neurotechnologies and telemedicine. Ideally, the
scientific developments would be able to address the current challenges
successfully. However, reality sometimes proves otherwise. Technical
innovations are not taken up by patient groups, vaccination programs are
unable to reach proper vaccination levels, societal movements halt
further scientific developments, etc. What are the underlying causes for
these undesirable outcomes and how could we in the future create a
better match between the needs in health care and developments in
biomedical and health sciences? This minor provides you with the first
steps to answer these questions.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Future Challenges in Global Health Period 1 6.0 AB_1042
Key Strategies in Disability and Neuropathy Period 1 6.0 AB_1045
Clinical Trials and Health Care Period 2 6.0 AB_1043
Tailoring Medicine and Telemedicine Period 2 6.0 AB_1044
Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Development Period 3 6.0 AB_1046
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