Minor European History and Culture 1200-1800

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to www.minor.vu.nl/en/ for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

Choose between History of Emotions (6 ec) and History of Emotions
(research) (9 ec).
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Dutch History in European Context 1200-1800 Period 1 6.0 L_GABAALG009
Medieval Literature and Culture in a European Context Period 1 6.0 L_AABAALG054
Amsterdam Jewish Culture Period 2 6.0 L_GCBAALG007
Dutch Literature and Culture of the Golden Age Period 2 6.0 L_NOBAALG005
History of Emotions Period 2 6.0 L_GABAALG004
History of Emotions (research) Period 2+3 6.0 L_GABAALG015
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