Minor Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

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STUDY UNIFYING PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY: Evolution is a central theme in
biology, which pervades all biological disciplines. The basic theme of
this program is to illustrate how evolutionary thinking has penetrated
such diverse areas as ecology, genetics, molecular biology, animal
physiology and behavioural sciences. The study of unifying principles of
biology is the main theme of this minor program.

The general aim of the programme is to provide an in-depth treatment of
selected topics in modern biological sciences, in such a way that the
students are stimulated to pursue their further studies in a specialized
graduate programme focussed on one of these topics. At the same time,
this minor also provides a broad basis for pursuing a general biology
graduate programme combined with a professional career in education or
science communication.

Target population:
Third year undergraduate students of BSc Biology, BSc Biomedical
Sciences, BSc Earth Sciences, and BSc Health & Life Sciences with a
major in Biomedical Sciences from the VU, other Dutch universities and
other European universities. Students from other disciplines or
universities, national and international, are welcome, although
additional requirements may apply.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Ecosystem Modelling Period 1 6.0 AB_1218
Environmental Toxicology Period 1 6.0 AB_1020
Adaptation to Human Environments Period 2 6.0 AB_1219
Behavioural Biology Period 2 6.0 AB_1041
Evolutionary Genetics Period 3 6.0 AB_1022
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