Minor Gender and Diversity

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to www.minor.vu.nl/en/ for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

In this multidisciplinary minor you will learn how to critically
perceive contemporary discussions in science and society from the
perspective of gender and diversity. You will gain knowledge of the
relevant theories on gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation in
the disciplinary fields of history, philosophy, literature, medicine,
sociology and anthropology, and theology. You develop a diverse
perspective in discussions with students from other disciplines in the
classroom. In assignments you apply the knowledge achieved to your own
disciplinary field.

Choose 2 out of 3 courses in period 2: American Film; From Cell to
Society; Identity, Diversity and Inclusion
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
The Personal is Political: Biography, Gender and Diversity Period 1 6.0 L_AABAALG068
Critical Perspectives on Science Period 1+2+3 6.0 W_CPOS
American Film: Cinematic Representations of the "Other" Period 2 6.0 L_ELBAELK208
From Cell to Society Period 2 6.0 W_FCTS
Identity, Diversity and Inclusion Period 2 6.0 S_IDI
Religions and Gender Period 3 6.0 G_RELGEN
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