Minor Global Health

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New and emerging infectious diseases, changing disease patterns, ageing,
rising costs of healthcare – these are problems that add complexity to
the already considerable health challenges the world is facing today.
Many diseases do not stop at national borders, and most health problems
have social, political and economic impacts. The world is more than ever
in need of a vision of health that spans the globe. At the same time,
innovative answers to these challenges emerge, like novel
pharmaceuticals, neurotechnologies, genomics, mhealth (using mobile
phones), field test kits that replace whole laboratories, as well as
innovative funding schemes and care arrangement (e.g. community-based
health care). But how can we make these answers fit the challenges that
are emerging? History shows numerous, at best, not-so-effective health
interventions and unintended consequences. To effectively address these
complex health challenges, global health researcher need to
cross-disciplinary boundaries and interact with health professionals,
patients and others to gain in-depth understanding of global health
problems, and to set out cohesive and strategic action to solve these
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Future Challenges in Global Health Period 1 6.0 AB_1042
Key Strategies in Disability and Neuropathy Period 1 6.0 AB_1045
Double Burden of Disease Period 2 6.0 AB_1109
Drivers of Change in Global Health Period 2 6.0 AB_1108
Community-based Health Interventions Period 3 6.0 AB_1110
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