Work engagement as a key for unlocking performance




Work engagement as a key for unlocking performance

D. Gutermann

prof.dr. M.P.H. Born, prof.dr. S.C. Voelpel, copromotor dr. N.K. Lehmann-Willenbrock

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Constructive leadership and leaders’ work engagement itself are important levers for employees’ work engagement. Individual and organizational work engagement leads to individual and organizational performance. The Engagement-Index (ENG-I) is a statistically valiated and well accepted measurement of behavioral work engagement in organizations. These are the results of the dissertation by Daniela Gutermann.

Work engagement
Since people spend around one third of their day at work, the question of which factors enhance their well-being and their motivation at work is an important one. Moreover, organizations have to face several challenges, such as a quickly changing global economic market, digitalization, and continuous need for innovation. Work engagement is a construct that is an asset for both employees and organizations. Gutermann aims to answer the question which factors may foster work engagement within organizations and how this is related to individual and organizational performance across different organizational levels.

Constructive and destructive leadership
Daniela Gutermann investigated how constructive and destructive leadership is related to work engagement and which role leaders’ work engagement itself may play for followers’ tendency to engage in their work. Additionally, since a lot of organizations are interested in the topic of work engagement, she introduced a new engagement assessment – the Engagement Index (ENG-I) – that faces both, scientific and organizational requirements. Finally Gutermann analyzed the link between individual and organizational work engagement and performance by considering causality issues.

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