Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Internet Applications (specialization)

The Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Internet Applications specialization involves the study of knowledge, structure and applications. The programme focuses on the organizational aspects of knowledge management, as well as on the technical aspects of designing and building knowledge-based systems. It also explores the ways in which artificial intelligence techniques can play an important role within current and future generations of the internet.

Relevant courses for this specialization:

  • Information Retrievalempty
    Information Retrieval is the discipline of providing access to information stored in textual documents within a large collection. In the course, we introduce the basic concepts of Information Retrieval, including representation of documents, retrieval models and algorithms for clustering and classification.
  • Knowledge Management and Modellingempty
    The course "Knowledge Management and Modeling" is concerned with the organizational aspects of knowledge management, as well as the question how knowledge can be described with the support of modern information-modeling techniques. These knowledge models can be used to develop knowledge based systems. The notion of pattern-based knowledge modeling is a key issue in the knowledge management process.
  • Intelligent Web Applicationsempty
    The World Wide Web today is a huge network of information resources which was built in order to broadcast information for human users. Consequently, most of the information on the Web is designed to be suitable for human consumption: The structuring principles are weak, many different kinds of information co-exist, and most of the information is represented as free text. With the increasing size of the web and the availability of new technologies such as mobile applications or smart devices, there is a strong and growing need for making the information on the World Wide Web accessible to computer programs which search, filter, convert, interpret, and summarize the information for the benefit of the user.

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Knowledge Technology and Intelligent Internet Applications