BKO-module 1: Designing teaching

BKO-module 1: Designing teaching

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For whom

This module is for university lecturers who want to improve their skills in designing teaching. The module is one of the core modules within the BKO trajectory for UvA lecturers.


After this module you are able to:

  • translate different levels of learning into concrete learning goals;
  • design classes and lectures with a strong alignment between learning goals, classroom activities, and assessment;
  • attune your lesson design to prior knowledge and learning styles;
  • design clear and effective assignments;
  • explain the choice for a given form of teaching.

In this interactive module participants learn how to design activating classes and lectures. The design is focused on the link between students’ level of learning, activating teaching and assessment. Participants gain an insight into how learning works and use these insights in designing their teaching. In the module, participants work with current lesson plans from their own teaching practice. The module allows space for participants’ own input.

Number of participants 

Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants


This module consists of two days and half a day as follow-up. Course dates for 2017-2018 will be published.


2016-2017: € 895,-




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For further information on course content, please contact:
Karen van Oyen
020 59 82023 • E  k.e.m.van.oyen@vu.nl

For practical questions, please contact:

Ronny Toers Bijns
T 020 59 83366  • E  ho.ucgb@vu.nl