Senior Teaching Qualification

Procedure within VU Amsterdam

Nederlandse cursussenIn groups of no more than 14, participants are guided through the various roles they fulfil within the educational organization. A major component of the STQ track is developing and implementing an improvement or innovation track in the department or programme, also referred to as a ‘STQ project’. This includes the following themes: improvement of first-year students’ academic success, design of an interdisciplinary programme, design of a consistent test structure for the entire programme and improvement of quality assurance within the faculty. Such a track normally takes longer than one year. In the context of the STQ programme, intensive guidance is offered for part of the track. Another important aspect is the individual learning objective. This objective concerns personal skills a candidate needs to carry out the project.

The STQ programme covers a period of twelve months during which participants receive intensive guidance in developing the five STQ roles and their individual learning objective. The programme consists of the following:

  • an individual intake interview:
    to assess the extent to which the candidate meets the requirements, the extent to which the candidate’s expectations correspond with the objectives of the track and whether the candidate has enough time to complete the track. 
  • three individual coaching sessions:
    in which there is time and attention for the candidate’s individual learning objective and the progress of his/her project. 
  • six programme days:
    in which the different roles are further developed with the help of guest speakers, assignments and exercises. 
  • four peer group meetings:
    in which participants in groups of three or four students work on assignments in their own programme. 
  • interim assignments:
    aimed at vision development, project planning, curriculum analysis, network reinforcement, supervisorship, 360 degree feedback and file development. 
  • final assessment:
    in which the candidate is assessed on STQ final attainment levels on the basis of their STQ file and assessment interview. 
  • a festive conclusion