Teaching qualification programme for lecturers in universities of applied sciences

Content and methods

The programme is competency-oriented, covering all the responsibilities of the lecturer, including implementing and supervising education, designing tests and quality assurance, and supervision of students. The assignments consist of activities from your own teaching experience, such as designing a course or test.

Prior to the first meeting with your lecturer trainer, you will create a personal development plan based on the competency profile. You will also make a video recording of one of your educational supervision situations. Both of these become part of your portfolio. Then you will work on developing your competencies, making use of a variety of input: teaching sessions, feedback from the lecturer trainer and your colleagues in the working group, material from your own teaching experience, literature study, and experiments with situations in your work situation. In your personal development plan, you will also keep track of the didactic interventions that you design and try out and what effect they have.

The lecturer trainers use examples of behaviour and critical self-reflection to help you understand how you can work on your development. The course also addresses various supervisory roles. Feedback on this topic from the course attendees results in interesting discussions. Space is explicitly created for the experiences of, input from, and demonstrations by the participants. You will work part of the time in a learning group which makes use of the digital learning environment Blackboard.