Back on track study group

Difficulty with getting yourself to start working and using your study time efficiently? Come to our weekly Back on Track study group.

Target group

International/exchange students at the VU who can/are willing to use English as the common language in a study group and who recognize one or more of the following:
- you know how to study, if only you could find the time;
- you need more structure to study efficiently;
- you are lagging behind with credits or deadlines;
- you are still trying to find the right balance between studying ambitiously and enjoying student life in Amsterdam.


Do you put off studying and working on assignments? Do you often wait for that 'perfect' timing? Do you struggle with completing a task? If so, you might benefit from attending this ongoing group.  Once a week, in a group of 5-10 students, you will get feedback on your weekly planning and anti-procrastination tips for better concentration, motivation and discipline. You can also learn various skills that will help you manage your procrastination habit. Activities include individual planning, group discussions, mindfulness exercises and practical exercises.


‘You realize that you are not the only one struggling, others are in a similar situation.’
‘Every Monday morning my week started with a plan that was helping.’
‘These realistic schedules allow me to finish my assignments on time and still have free time.’

Practical information

VU student only
Monday 11.15-12.15 AM (ongoing / during the whole academic year)
Friday 11.00-12.00 AM (ongoing / during the whole academic year). 
Location HG-0B04 Main building
Costs 25 Euros. For this fee you can participate for 6 months.

Enrolling in the group costs 25 Euros. You can only sign up online. Additional costs: € 2. After payment with Ideal or credit card your registration is final.

Registration and payment

If you have questions about the group or if you are not sure whether this group could help you with your study issues, you can make an appointment with the group coordinator by mailing [email protected].