Faculty coordinators

Ghizlaine AarabFaculty of Dentistry ACTA
Ghizlane Aarab
email: g.aarab@acta.nl
Jan KooterFaculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Jan Kooter
email: j.m.kooter@vu.nl
Harold HoubaFaculty of Economics and Business Administration
Harold Houba
email: honoursprogramma.feweb@vu.nl
Maarten BobbertFaculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Human Movement Sciences
Maarten Bobbert
email: m.f.bobbert@vu.nl
Jan HallebeekFaculty of Law 
Jan Hallebeek 
email: jan.hallebeek@vu.nl
Maybritt StalFaculty of Medicine VUmc
Maybritt Stal
email: m.stal@vumc.nl
Norah KarroucheFaculty of Humanities
Norah Karrouche
email: n.f.f.karrouche@vu.nl
Annemiek van Os

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Psychology and Pedagogiek
Annemiek van Os
email: a.van.os@vu.nl

Arjan Temminck TuinstraFaculty of Sciences
Arjan Temminck Tuinstra
email: d.a.temmincktuinstra@vu.nl
Ivonne Ruijter2

Faculty of Social Sciences
Ivonne Ruijter
email: i.m.c.ruijter@vu.nl

Hagit AmiravFaculty of Theology
Hagit Amirav
email: h.amirav@vu.nl