Try Out Class and Course Registration

Honours students take two kinds of courses; courses on their own faculty and interdepartmental courses. In total you will obtain 30 credits, of which usually 18 by taking interdepartmental courses and 12 by taking faculty courses.

  • Faculty courses: Most faculty courses are open only to students of their own faculty. Registration for these courses is done through your faculty.
  • Interdepartmental courses: Courses in which two or more faculties work together and which are open for all students of the Honours Programme. Registration for these courses is done throught  the central VU Honours Programme

Before the start of each semester a Try Out Class is organised. At this event lecturers will give a short presentation about their course. Due to the Covid pandemic the Try Out Class for all 2nd semester interdepartmental VU, UvA and AUC Honours courses will be online on 30 November 2020. The information will be published here on 30 November. LINK TO THE CANVAS SITE

COURSE REGISTRATION for interdepartmental courses of VU, UvA and AUC second semester 2020-2021
Between Tuesday 1 December 10 am till Saturday 5 December 11 pm. The deadline for registration is strict!

Registration form interdepartmental courses of VU, UvA and AUC second semester 2020-2021 (will be published here Tuesday 1 December 10 am)


  • On the registration form, you can select your first, second, third and fourth course of your choice. We will try to place you in one of the courses of your choice, but we cannot guarantee this. If all courses of your choice are full, you will be placed at a waiting list. 
  • Placement will be at random and NOT first come first serve.


  • In case you want to opt for an AUC course, you have to choose it as your first choice or, in case you want to do 2 courses in the second semester, as your first or second choice.
  • To participate in an AUC course there will be a selection based on the bachelor courses you completed. You will have to upload a grade/course list from VU-net.
  • Please note that most AUC courses take place during the day
Please read this carefully to avoid disappointments
  • Please only pick the courses with an asterix * as only those are open for 1st year students.
  • As a 1st year student you can only take 1 course.
  • As a 1st year student you are not allowed to take a course at Amsterdam University College (AUC).
  • We do our utmost best to place all 1st year students but in case there are no places available, regretfully we will have to disappoint you; 2nd and 3rd year students come first.
Application for faculty courses takes place by sending an email, either to your Faculty Honours Coordinator or to one of the lecturers of the course.
FGB, SBE and Faculty of Law students can register for the faculty courses through VU-net.