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The VU Pride network

Welcome to all! 🏳🌈  

VU Pride is a network that aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals of the LGBTIQA+-community on our the campus of VU Amsterdam. By doing so, we aspire to contribute to a university full of diversity in which everyone shares understanding and tolerance for each other. Our network consists of students and employees of VU Amsterdam.

VU Pride is active in three ways:
•    Bringing people together
•    Sharing academic knowledge
•    Making VU Amsterdam’s campus and academic curriculum more inclusive

We achieve our goals by organizing events and projects that educate and inform people within and outside the LGBTIQA+-community and that makes room for academic discussion; different topics like community-inclusivity, ethnic and/or religious diversity, safety and scientific theories among many others are considered in an intersectional manner. 

VU Pride holds social gatherings where individuals from within the LGBTIQA+-community on VU Amsterdam can come together and meet each other in a friendly, free and relaxed setting. Furthermore, we function as a contact and information point where people can address personal and educational LGBTIQA+-issues that occur at VU Amsterdam. 

For more information about our network(-members), organization, contact information and current and upcoming activities, we would like to refer to the sections beneath.

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Pride library – looking for an official name!
VU Pride is setting up an LGBTIQA+ library in close collaboration with the library of VU Amsterdam. It aims at taking LGBTIQA+ books out of the depot and making them accessible for a broad audience. Within the library we collect a diverse range of literature, ranging from scientific publications to graphic novels. Also the Pride Library is a place to meet & greet, to host expositions and it can function as a safe space. Another goal of the library Is to connect books to personal stories, by asking members of the LGBTIQA+ community what certain books mean to them and by making those stories available. We are still looking for a fabulous name for our library? Please send us your suggestion! The winning suggestion gets rewarded with a Pride book and a VIP opening to the library (date to be decided, depending on Covid-19 regulations).

Wild Wednesday Webinars: Reubs J. Walsh: Transgender research & “psy-/neuro-“ disciplines 
Wednesday 21 October 2020 | 8 PM – 9:30  PM - free event, via Zoom

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VU Pride is proud to announce PhD candidate Reubs J. Walsh. Reubs has done research on the role of the social environment in explaining cognitive, perceptual and psychiatric correlates of trans gender-modalities, and in determining psycho-social adjustment and psychiatric outcomes in adolescents. During our webinar Reubs will discuss the current landscape of gender modality/transgender research in “psy-/neuro-“ disciplines, and her past and future work in the area.

Wild Wednesday Webinars. Dr. Adnan Hossain: Hijra identity (“the third gender”) in Bangladesh
Wednesday 18 November 2020 | 8 PM – 9:30  PM - free event, via Zoom

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We proudly present dr. Adnan Hossain. Adnan’s research concerns gender and sexual diversity, masculinities and transgender studies, race/ethnic relations, bodies, nationalism, epistemology and de/post-colonial studies. Adnan will discuss his current work, a book manuscript tentatively titled "Beyond emasculation: Pleasure and power in the making of the hijra in Bangladesh".

About Wild Wednesday Webinars
Wild Wednesday Webinars are a series of webinars in which a VU scientist speaks of their research into various LGBTIQA+ topics. One of our students will spark a conversation with them, after which there is time for Q&A with the audience. Why Wild? Because unlike normal webinars, we invite you to share your personal experiences regarding the topics, and we do not shy away from controversial research, insights and thoughts.

The Webinars take place every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 20:00 – 21:30 via Zoom.