VU Pride

Welcome to all! 🏳🌈

These fabulous events are coming up in the near future:

VU Pride social hour, every Monday 16.30 – 17.30
This Monday we hosted our very first (but certainly not the last) VU Pride social hour: an hour of chat, laugh, discussion and having a drink together. We had a great time and we are looking forward to social hours still to come! Would you like to join us? Please send us an email at [email protected]

Movie night & discussion: June 8th, 20h
Please grab your drink & popcorn and join us on June 8th at 20h for a cosy movie night. This evening we will watch several short movies together that consider dis/ability and being a person of the LGBTIQA+-community. After watching the movies one will be able to talk about this topic; of course with all the drink and food you want next to your mobile or computer device. Please sign up here.

Sexy science: LGBTIQA+ webinars – donate your lecture!
VU Pride is setting up a monthly webinar series, focussed on various topics, such as sexual diversity, gender & language and many other themes. Have you done any research that might be interesting? Or do you know a awesome researcher to recommend us? Please drop us a line at [email protected]! Are you a teacher and have you held an interesting lecture on LGBTIQA+ issues? Please help VU Pride by donating your lecture! For more information: [email protected]

Peer-support group (VU Pride TalkS!): June 9th, 20h
On June 9th we will host our first meeting of VU Pride TalkS! VU Pride TalkS! Is the talking group for peers of VU Pride. This meeting we will discuss how all try to cope with this strange time of corona, while trying to stay busy with other daily things. We will discuss different topics that are recurrent in our community; how does this period affect dating or meeting others? How does this period affect processes of hormone therapy or transitioning? How does this period affect the way we express our sexuality and gender in public? Please sign up here.

The VU Pride network

VU Pride is a network that aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals of the LGBTIQA+-community on our VU-campus. By doing so, we aspire to contribute to a university full of diversity in which everyone shares understanding and tolerance for each other. Our network consists of students and employees of the VU.

VU Pride is active in three ways:
•    Bringing people together
•    Sharing academic knowledge
•    Improving Vrije Universiteit’s campus and academic curriculum

We achieve our goals by organizing events and projects that educate and inform people within and outside the LGBTIQA+-community and that makes room for academic discussion; different topics like community-inclusivity, ethnic and/or religious diversity, safety and scientific theories among many others are considered in an intersectional manner.
VU Pride holds social gatherings where individuals from within the LGBTIQA+-community on the VU can come together and meet each other in a friendly, free and relaxed setting. Furthermore, we function as a contact and information point where people can address personal and educational LGBTIQA+-issues that occur on the VU.
For more information about our network(-members), organization, contact information and current and upcoming activities, we would like to refer to the sections beneath.

Become a Supporter
Would you like to be involved in VU Pride? We would love to hear from you! Subscribe as a VU Pride Supporter or contact us on [email protected].