Business Analytics MSc

The Master’s program in Business Analytics is a multidisciplinary program aimed at improving business performance by applying a combination of methods that draw from mathematics, computer science and business management. Based on a good understanding of the field and making excessive use of data, you will learn to statistically analyze these data, develop and analyze predictive models, and optimize business processes. The emphasis is on the complete trajectory of decision making in practice; together with the combination of the three different fields of expertise, this makes the Business Analytics program unique.

The goal of the master program Business Analytics is to prepare students for a career in business, industry, or within governmental or research facilities, with (possibly only initially) a major quantitative aspect.

There are two variants of the program: The Professional Track and the Dual Master’s Program.



M Business Analytics
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
BA Dual Variant XM_BA_D
Professional track XM_BA_S1
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