Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences

The one year master programme (60 EC) Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences aims at educating graduates, with or without a degree in physiotherapy, on an academic level, enabling them to bring academic theory, research methodology and physiotherapy practice closer together and thus contribute to the optimization of the physiotherapy care in The Netherlands. Graduates should have the ability not only to carry out the full empirical scientific research cycle, but also to translate research results  into professional practice.

Students will be introduced to state-of-the-art theories, concepts and measurement methods related to musculoskeletal disorders and their diagnosis and management. Students apply knowledge and insight of research in physiotherapy in practicals and working groups. During the Master  Research Project students  are involved in  all facets of scientific research: they collect and analyze data, and report their findings in  a research report.

Master MPS Electives

Students choose two of the courses below, so 6 EC.

Doelstelling en eindtermen

De doelstelling en eindtermen van de opleiding staan beschreven in de Onderwijs- en Examenregeling (OER) 2016-2017 van de bacheloropleiding.

Master Musc. Physioth. Sciences
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
Master MPS Electives BM1_MPS_E
Master MPS Obligatory BM1_MPS_O
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