Neurosciences MSc

The aim of the Master programme Neurosciences is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and insight required to operate as an independent professional within the field of neurosciences and to be a suitable candidate for a subsequent course of study leading to a career in research. Having completed the programme, the student should have developed a critical scientific approach and an awareness of the ethical and societal aspects of neurosciences.

The Master programme Neurosciences at the VU University Amsterdam is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, the Faculty of Psychology and Education and the VU University Medical Center. It includes both fundamental and clinical aspects of the neurosciences, behavioural and quantitative genetics, as well as neurogenomics. The programme is embedded in Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam and thereby offers you the chance to integrate the full range of neuroscience disciplines.

You will study facets of neurosciences ranging from genes to behaviour, from both fundamental and clinical perspectives. In our study programme we have constructed six tracks, each designed to give you the perfect start as a researcher in a particular field of neurosciences.

The year schedule can be found at the FALW-website.
Further information about the MSc programme Neurosciences.
A complete programme description can be found at the FALW-website.

M Neurosciences (research)
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