Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems MSc

This master’s programme emphasizes experimental computer science, rather than theory, and typically requires design, implementation, testing, and performance analysis of software for advanced parallel and distributed systems. It contains a balance between classes and practical work: about one third of the first three semesters consists of practical projects. The final semester is a master's thesis, which will usually involve doing research in conjunction with one of the faculty members. In contrast to other master’s programmes, PDCS requires that students explicitly apply to be admitted. Up-to-date information can be found at the FEW-website.

M Parallel and Distributed Computer Syst
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
Constrained choice Foundations of Computing and Concurrency (6EC) XM_PDCS_B1
Constrained Choice Programming (6EC) XM_PDCS_B2
Optional Courses XM_PDCS_K1
Compulsory Courses XM_PDCS_V1
Expired courses XM_PDCS_vv
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