Social Psychology (MScRes)

The Research Master program in Social Psychology is part of the William James Graduate School.  It is a two year program of total 120 ECTS, 60 ECTS a year.

Goals of the Program
The teaching program focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of major fields in social psychology by emphasizing general principles underlying social behavior.
The first year consists of 4 theoretical courses (including one elective choice course), one expert workshop, 3 academic skills course, and a Research Project.
The second year consists of 3 theoretical courses (again including one elective choice course), one expert workshop, and two research projects, leading to your Ma-thesis.

Course program 2016-2017 Research Master Social Psychology (pdf)
Course program 2015-2016 Research Master Social Psychology (pdf)

Information about the Academic calendar on this page

Teaching and Examination Regulations WJGS (pdf)

RM Social Psychology
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
Research master Social psychology, year 1 PRM1_PSV_2
Research master Social psychology, year 2 PRM2_PSV_2
Other information PZ_RMSOC_RE
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