Theology & Religious Studies (research)


The programme of the research master's programme consist of:

  • 8 General Required Modules (6 in the first year, 2 in the second year),
  • 4 Section Modules of the chosen department (section) (2 in the first year, 2 in the second year),
  • 3 modules of the student’s own choice (Professional Stream Modules or Section Modules offered by other sections). 

The General Required Modules allow students to train academic and professional skills (such as research skills, hermeneutical reflection, ethical judgment, critical reasoning, and operating on the dynamics between theory and practice). Section modules concentrate on the research topics of the faculty’s 6 research sections: Dogmatics and Ecumenics, Church History, Biblical Studies, Praxis, Philosophy of Religion, or Islamic Theology. Professional Stream Modules offer the theoretical knowledge of the professional fields of management, media, spiritual care and education (the specialisations of the 1-year master).

If you started the programme before 2013-2014 you will have to follow alternative courses for any fear year's courses you may still have to do.

Course descriptions

M Theology and Religious Studies (res)
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
Master Theology and Religious Studies Research year 1 GMTR2_Y1
Master Theology and Religious Studies Research year 2 GMTR2_Y2
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