Research Variant Cognitive Science

This specialisation focuses on the study of human cognition through
computational methods. The programme is organised based on a close
collaboration between the Faculty of Sciences (Department of Computer
Science) and the Faculty of Psychology and Education (Department of
Cognitive Psychology), and indeed includes courses from both
Students in Cognitive Science come from a wide range of backgrounds –
including psychology, computer science, artificial intelligence,
philosophy, mathematics, neuroscience, and others – but share the common
goal, to get a better understanding of the human mind through
computational modelling. The developed models can roughly be applied
from two perspectives. Firstly, from a more theoretical perspective,
cognitive models (e.g., of perception, attention, or decision making)
can serve as a useful tool for researchers to gain more insight in the
dynamics of cognitive processes by building (and simulating) them.
Secondly, from a more practical perspective, cognitive models can serve
as a basis for the development of artefacts that either show or
understand human-like behaviour. Examples of artefacts that show human-
like behaviour are virtual characters in (serious) games, and examples
of artefacts that understand human-like behaviour are intelligent
support systems in cars or in military domains.

The progamme consists of 120 credits

Note: Every programme, including the choice of optional courses, has to
be discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator or a personal
mentor and approved by the Examination Board.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Seminar Cognitive Neuroscience Periode 1 6.0 P_MSEMCNS
Interdisciplinary Research Methodology for IS Periode 2 6.0 X_405085
Knowledge Engineering Periode 2 6.0 X_405099
Neural Models of Cognitive Processes Periode 2 6.0 P_MNEUMOD
Brain Imaging Periode 4 6.0 P_MBRIMAG
Model-based Intelligent Environments Periode 5 6.0 X_405056
Machine Learning for the Quantified Self Periode 6 6.0 XM_40012
Naam opleidingsdeel Code Pdf
Recommended Optional Courses XM_AI_R2_K1
Constrained Choice Data Analysis XM_AI_R2_K2
Constrained Choice XM_AI_R2_V3
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