Socially Aware Computing

Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Master Project Ac. Jaar (september) 30.0 X_400285
Cognitive Psychology and its Applications Periode 1 6.0 XM_40010
Intelligent Interactive Systems Periode 1 6.0 XMU_418023
Behaviour Dynamics in Social Networks Periode 2 6.0 X_400113
Knowledge Engineering Periode 2 6.0 X_405099
Agent Systems Periode 4 6.0 XMU_405123
Knowledge Representation on the Web Periode 5 6.0 XMU_418169
Machine Learning for the Quantified Self Periode 6 6.0 XM_40012
Naam opleidingsdeel Code Pdf
Artificial Intelligence XM_AI_AI
Criminology XM_AI_CRIM
Health Sciences XM_AI_HS
Information Sciences XM_AI_IS
Bewegingswetenschappen XM_AI_MOV
Psychology XM_AI_PSY
Constrained Choice Data Analysis XM_AI_R2_K2
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