BA Dual Variant

The dual Master's program combines work and study. During the first 16
months of this program the student is employed part time, and studies
part time. The work has to be relevant for the study and the dual work
period is granted with 12 EC. Moreover, it is possible to do the
Research Paper BA on a case-study that is work related, provided the
case-study is combined with a sound theoretical basis. Often, the
external master project is carried out at the same organization as the
dual work period. The students can only start their internship or Master
Project after having finished the compulsory Research Paper BA (6 EC)
and having completed all but possibly one program components.

Admission to the dual Master's program is granted to those who have a
Business Analytics Bachelor's degree. For those with another university
Bachelor's degree, such as Mathematics, Econometrics, Computer Science,
or a Bachelor's degree from an institute of higher education, admission
may be granted on an individual basis. Those seeking admission to the
dual Master's program should realize that admission also depends on
obtaining suitable employment. The VU has contacts with a number of
companies that are interested in participating in this program.

For more information concerning the dual master's program, contact the
coordinator for the external master's project or the master coordinator.

The program consists of 120 European credit points (EC)
- compulsory courses 78 EC (including a Master Project of 36 EC)
- constrained selection 24 EC
- optional courses 18 EC

Note: Every program, including the choice of optional courses, has to be
discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator and approved by
the Examination Board.
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