Professional track

The emphasis will be on a broad and multidisciplinary education,
preparing the student for a role as an academically trained quantitative
professional in a multidisciplinary organization. Even so, the
possibility to continue after the Master in a PhD program exists also
for these variants.

Business Analytics is a two-year program. The first six months are
devoted to compulsory courses. Over the next twelve months, you will
deepen your knowledge in the three fields of expertise after which you
will have the opportunity to specialize in business process
optimization, computational intelligence and financial risk management.
Combining the knowledge you acquire and applying it to practical
situations plays an essential role in the program. As such, the Master’s
degree is concluded with a six-month individual internship at a company
(the Master’s project). The students can only start their internship or
Master Project after having finished the compulsory Research Paper BA (6
EC) and having completed all but possibly one program components.

The progam consists of 120 European creditpoints (EC)
- compulsory courses 72 EC (including a Master Project of 36 EC)
- compulsory choice 30 EC
- optional courses 18 EC

Note: Every program, including the choice of optional courses, has to be
discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator and approved by
the Examination Board.
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