Econometrics and Operations Research (MSc)

The Master's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research is an academic programme focusing on the development and application of quantitative methods for analysing economic issues in a broad sense. It is a successful preparation for a professional career in which mathematics, statistics and ICT are used in analysing and solving complex issues in general economics, and business and financial economics. Econometricians are also employed as experts in optimizing strategic and operational business processes like transport flows, stock management and operating systems. Econometricians can be found working at the central banks of Europe, at federal banks in the United States, at central government agencies and ministries, financial institutions, consultancy firms, airlines, the railways and other logistic companies, and in the majority of listed companies.

The components of the Master's programme correspond closely with the department's research interests, which means that many of the latest scientific developments in areas like financial econometrics, logistics and game theory find their way directly into the teaching programme. Students also benefit from having the opportunity to study in small groups and work closely with the academic staff.

The Master's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research is divided into the track Econometrics and Operations Research. Each track has a specific set of compulsory courses constituting the core programme of 42 EC (incl. the Master's Thesis). In addition to the core programme, 7 specializations distributed over the tracks offer the students the opportunity to fill in their 18 EC electives of the programme in a profiled way.

The Master Econometrics and Operations Research is a one year programme en consists of 60 EC. For talented and ambitious students the master’s programme offers an extra opportunity to distinguish themselves with the MSc Honours Programme Operations Research. This Honours Programme allows master’s students to broaden and deepen their knowledge on state-of-the-art operations research techniques. The MSc Econometrics and Operations Research is a one year full-time programme, is taught in English, comprises 60 EC, and consists of several specializations.

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