Biomedical Sciences BSc

The bachelor’s program Biomedical Sciences equips students with a solid scientific background in human biology in health and disease. The program provides students with fundamental knowledge in diverse aspects of molecular and human biology, and trains students to apply this knowledge in practical scientific research, working towards new solutions for timely medical, clinical and societal challenges. Human biology is studied at every level of organization, from molecules and genes to whole organisms and human populations.

Furthermore, students are trained in general academic skills, and are motivated to develop a critical, independent and reflective attitude and an open mind towards societal responsibilities in their future positions.

The program aims to provide such knowledge, skills and insight in the field of biomedical sciences that the graduate is equipped for a general, broad or specialist master's program in biomedical sciences or a related discipline, or can continue on the labor market. It is therefore necessary for the student to actively participate in biomedical research during the bachelor’s thesis.

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B Biomedical Sciences
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Honours Programme BMED A_HPBMED
B Biomedical Sciences year 1 AB1_BMED
B Biomedical Sciences year 2 AB2_BMED
B Biomedical Sciences year 3 AB3_BMED
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