Advanced Practical

Periode 6
School of Business and Economics
dr. A.A.N. Ridder
dr. A.A.N. Ridder
Hoorcollege, Werkgroep

Doel vak

The goal is that students learn how to work in a team on a real EOR
project with realistic data. This means that they learn how to describe
the case in ordinary language, how to formulate it in EOR language,
discuss what EOR techniques might be applicable to solve the problem,
and learn to work it out using the acquired skills and knowledge of the
first two years of the EOR program. Furthermore, the goal is to learn
how to report and present intermediate and final results of a project.

Inhoud vak

In this course you work in teams of two or three on a practical project
that is focused on one of the three specialisations of the EOR
Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and Operations Research.
You are qualified to participate in this course when you (a) have
completed successfully the 1-st year program; and (b) have sufficient
grades for all courses in the Fall Semester of the 2-nd year program
(Num. Meth; Ect I, ME I, OR I). Furthermore, to qualify for a project in
specialisation X, you need to have completed the X II course. When you
have registered to participate, you make your choice of specialisation
via the group enroll facility of Canvas.

The projects will be provided by the EOR professors, but the required
data should be found and downloaded from sources that the participants
The first week isintended to form the teams, to introduce the projects,
to discuss the required literature, to suggest where to find the data,
etc. In weeks 2 and 3 there will be meetings to report the progress, to
discuss difficulties, to comment on the work, etc. The final report is
written in week 4. All presentations will be given in week 5.


Working teams of two or three students. Weekly seminars.


Presentation and written report.

Vereiste voorkennis

(a) Year 1 of EOR program. (b) Passed Numerical Methods. (c) Passed at
least two of Econometrics I, Mathematical Economics I, Operations
Research I (d) Passed the midterm of at least one of Econometrics II,
Mathematical Economics II, Operations Research II.

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