Master Kunst- & cultuurwetenschappen, afstudeerrichting Contemporary Art History

Contemporary Art History is an specialization focusing on visual, process-based, and digital art since the 1960s. Far from being restricted to the classical art forms of painting, sculpture, and graphics, today’s art includes installation art and site-specific projects, digital or new media art (interactive installations, locative media works, software art, networked art, electronic art and video art), performative and activist projects and artistic research.

What unites these art forms is that they directly address the complexity of today’s society, within which information technologies and globalization play an ever-increasing role, leading to networked forms of artistic practice that transgress national and cultural borders. At the same time,  artists are very aware of the heritage they build upon, deconstructing, commenting on, or appropriating art history, leading to various attempts to describe contemporary art with terms such as post-modern, post-conceptual, post-medium, and more recently even post-internet and post-digital – and post-contemporary...

Contemporary Art History trains you as an art historian who is equipped to deal with the challenges of tackling this complex but fascinating field. After having followed this program, you will have a solid knowledge of today’s visual, process-based, and digital art, and be equipped with the means to research, present, and write about the latter, enabling you to pursue a career in the cultural sector (museums, festivals, art galleries, archives), as art critic, or freelance cultural entrepreneur.

Programme overview

Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Master Thesis Contemporary Art History Ac. Jaar (september) 18.0 L_KAMACAHSCR
Trending Topics Arts and Culture Ac. Jaar (september) 3.0 L_KAMAKGS025
Methods and Theories of Art History Periode 1 6.0 L_KAMAKGS403
Seminar Contemporary Art Periode 1+2+3 9.0 L_KAMAKGS027
Media Art History: The Digital Divide Periode 2+3 6.0 L_KAMAKGS028
Study Trip Periode 4 6.0 L_KAMAKGS029
Art Criticism Periode 4+5 6.0 L_KNMAKGS010
Naam opleidingsdeel Code Pdf
Spedcialization Contemporary Art History, Electives LM1_KGSC_K
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