Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (MSc)

The one-year (60EC) programme Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health aims to teach students to collect and develop knowledge and understanding of human movement and to be able to apply this in the sports-, exercise- and health-related fields. The programme comprises four main tracks: biophysics in sport; rehabilitation; high performance coaching; and sport psychology. Given the nature of the study, exercise will form a key part of all tracks. The tracks are not strictly divided programmes and overlaps and switches to compose the ideal programme for each individual student are possible.

Next to the four tracks, the programme offers a limited number of students (we have approximately 15 -20 places available each year), the opportunity to acquire an accreditation for teaching in Higher Education. The programme “Teaching in Higher Education” amounts to 30 EC, which can partially be incorporated into the regular programme.

The MSc diploma, when combined with a small number of additional courses will allow students access to the Postgraduate programme for Practical Sports Psychologist. This Postgraduate programme will take approximately one year (full time) and leads to accreditation as “Sportpsycholoog Vereniging voor Sportpsychologie in Nederland" ®.

Overview master Human Movement Sciences 2018-2019

Composition of the program
The programme consists of obligatory components and optional courses. All options to compose a programme closest to your personal interest can be found in section B of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) of the Master’s programme. For options not mentioned in the Teaching and Examination Regulations you need approval from the Examination Board.

Programme objectives and exit qualifications
The Programme objectives and exit qualifications can be found in the Teaching and Examination Regulations of the Master’s programme.

(For more information about the courses, please see below)

Admission to the Master’s programme
For detailed information on admission requirements, please check the website.

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