Research Master Humanities, Program Philosophy

The schedule below only mentions the courses that are offered by VU University (i.e. the fixed part of your programme). In addition to these courses (adding up to 84 EC), you will have to earn 36 credits by following courses in a national research school and through an individual study programme. You can find all components of your programme at a glance in the Programme overview.

National research schools (min. 10 EC, but 12 EC is recommended) All research master students enroll with a Humanities National Research School at the start of the first year of their study. The Graduate School of Humanities will take care of this enrollment. Students then choose from the programmes of a National Research School a selection of courses, masterclasses, summer or winter schools of at least 10 EC (following a national agreement). NB: To fit the programme of the Research Master Humanities, you will need 12 EC.

Individual study programme (24 EC)
A large portion of the study programme is reserved for individual choice. This way you can develop a tailor made study programme, together with you mentor. You can choose for a stay at an another university or research institute in the Netherlands or abroad, or an internship, for tutorials, or specific skill trainings, combined with participation in conferences, workshops and the graduate lectures & seminars of the Graduate School of Humanities.

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