Minor Anthropology

Hier vind je de beschrijvingen van de vakken in de minor. Meer inhoudelijke informatie over de minor vind je op minor.vu.nl.

The minor in Social and Cultural Anthropology is a comprehensive
introduction to the discipline of social and cultural anthropology.
Anthropology is getting more and more urgent as encounters between
people of different cultures become more pervasive. The minor challenges
students to critically look at culture and the role it plays in the
world. Students will learn the core themes of anthropology and use them
to engage with current themes such as globalization, migration and
urbanization. The minor consists of 5 courses that are worth 6 EC each.
All courses are taught in English
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Core Themes in Anthropology Periode 1 6.0 S_CTA
Development and Globalization Periode 1 6.0 S_DG
History and Theory of Anthropology Periode 2 6.0 S_HTA
Nation and Migration Periode 2 6.0 S_NM
Urban Studies Periode 2+3 6.0 S_UBS
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