Minor Deep Programming

Hier vind je de beschrijvingen van de vakken in de minor. Meer inhoudelijke informatie over de minor vind je op minor.vu.nl.

The minor Deep Programming elaborates on important principles, different
paradigms and modern developments in computer programming. Systems
Programming and Equational Programming are advanced courses on
programming in the imperative language C and the functional language
Haskell. Compiler Construction provides in-depth knowledge on building
compilers for translating source code from a high-level to a lower-level
programming language. Secure Programming focuses on security in
software development. Concurrency & Multithreading teaches foundations
and programming principles for multicore computing. This minor aims to
turn students into highly skilled programmers and is an excellent
preparation for entering a Master program in Computer Science.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Concurrency & Multithreading Periode 1 6.0 X_401031
Systems Programming Periode 1 6.0 X_400377
Equational Programming Periode 2 6.0 X_401011
Secure programming Periode 2 6.0 XB_40005
Compiler Construction Periode 3 6.0 XB_0003
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