Minor E-Business and Online Commerce

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Business-related interactions are increasingly facilitated by various
Information & Communication Technologies - from websites and social
media to Enterprise Systems, from mobile devices to EDI. In the minor E-
business and online commerce, this development is viewed from different
disciplines, yet with an integrative perspective. With a focus on
Business-to-Consumer online commerce (although taking into account
Business-to-Business and Consumer-to-Consumer interaction as well), we
address the Marketing, Logistics and Information Systems-related aspects
of E-Business. This minor provides students with an in-depth knowledge
of the full range of business aspects related to E-business - from
consumer interaction to fulfillment, and from marketing strategy to
data, analytics and information systems. This knowledge will be applied
in answering both academic and practical questions. Also, students will
be stimulated to critically reflect on the business and ethical issues
related to E-business and online commerce.

For who?
This minor is relevant to students from both the business administration
(BK/IBA) and the economics and business economics (EBE) programme. For
EBE students, this minor is relevant since commerce is a crucial factor
from both a macro-economic and a business economics perspective. As
interactions between business and customers increasingly move to the
online world, this has far reaching economic implications at several

This minor contains 5 compulsory courses. Instead of the courses
Emerging Technologies for E-Business and Online Commerce and Information
Systems in E-Business and Online Commerce you may choose to do an
internship. Note that the internship has to be approved by the minor
coordinator in advance.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Consumer Science for Online Commerce Periode 1 6.0 E_IBA3_CSOC
Introduction to E-Business and Online Commerce Periode 1 6.0 E_IBA3_IEOC
E-Commerce Supply Chain Management Periode 2 6.0 E_IBA3_ESCM
Information Systems in E-Business and Online Commerce Periode 2 6.0 E_IBA3_ISEOC
Internship Minor E-business and Online Commerce Periode 2+3 12.0 E_IBA3_IMEOC
Emerging Technologies for E-Business and Online Commerce Periode 3 6.0 E_IBA3_ETEOC
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