Minor Genes, brain and behavior

Hier vind je de beschrijvingen van de vakken in de minor. Meer inhoudelijke informatie over de minor vind je op minor.vu.nl.

The minor consists of two skill courses, two knowledge courses, and an
application course offered by the departments of Biological psychology
and Cognitive psychology. The skill courses primarily aim to provide
students with skills required to do research in the area of genes,
brain, and behaviour. The knowledge courses provide students with a
solid theoretical foundation in the areas of behavioral genetics, brain,
and cognition. Finally, the application course aims to provide skills
and knowledge to do psychophysiological and cognitive research.

If you have any questions, please send an email to studiekeuze.fgb@vu.nl
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Analyses Toolbox Periode 1 6.0 P_BANATB
Cognitive Neuroscience Periode 1 6.0 P_BCOGNEUS
Genes in Behaviour and Health Periode 2 6.0 P_BGBEHE
Research toolbox Periode 2 6.0 P_BRESTBX
Psychophysiological and Cogn. Appl. Periode 3 6.0 P_BPCAPP
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