Minor Geology & Geochemistry

Hier vind je de beschrijvingen van de vakken in de minor. Meer inhoudelijke informatie over de minor vind je op minor.vu.nl.

This minor focuses on deepening the knowledge of the geological and
geochemical processes that operate in the Earth’s interior. Courses will
address the historical geology and sedimentology, large scale tectonic
processes, petrology as applied to the various subsystems of System
Earth and Isotope geochemistry. In one elective slot, students have the
option to choose between Introductory Planetary Science, or courses that
broaden their profile, like Hydrology of the Netherlands, Introductory
Biogeoscience and Social Geography.

The minor is open to undergraduate students Earth Sciences, with a focus
in Geology and/or Geochemistry, from VU or other universities.
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