Minor Real Estate Economics and Finance

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Why does economic activity concentrate in specific locations? How do
real estate developers react to the strong demand for space at these
focal points? What are the implications for the surrounding urban areas?
Should the government provide guidance through land use policy? These
questions illustrate a number of important topics that will be dealt
with in the Minor Real Estate Economics and Finance. You will learn what
economic analysis contributes to our understanding of how cities evolve
and what role policy can play. You gain insight into the functioning of
real estate markets, including their volatility and apparent lack of

The minor contains 5 compulsory courses.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Real Estate Finance and Urban Development Periode 1 6.0 E_EBE3_REFUD
Real Estate Investment Periode 1 6.0 E_EBE3_REI
Behavioral Finance and Real Estate Periode 2 6.0 E_EBE3_BFRE
Urban Economics and Real Estate Periode 2 6.0 E_EBE3_UERE
Real Estate Economics and Finance Research Project Periode 3 6.0 E_EBE3_REEFR
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