Minor Understanding and Influencing Decisions in Business and Society

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The Department of Marketing offers this SBE minor in collaboration
with the department of Management and Organization Studies in the fall
semester (September-January) starting in the academic year 2016-2017.

The 30 EC programme is entirely taught in English and will allow
students to understand and influence human decision making and behavior
in the context of organizations (employees, managers, teams) and their
interactions with the world outside (markets and consumers, but also
business partners and competitors). To achieve this goal, we rely on
recent insights from behavioral economics and psychology.

Upon completion of this minor, students will be able to:
- Understand how decisions and behavior are influenced by the physical
and social environments and the decision making strategies that are
- Based on this knowledge, develop strategies to influence (e.g.,
through "nudging") the behavior of others in order to achieve business
and societal goals, such as increasing sales or reducing environmental
- Analyze the behavior of others (e.g., employees) in order to improve
cooperation and output of teams and organizations
- Formulate negotiation strategies to achieve optimal results in terms
of outcomes (distributive negotiations) and relationships among parties
involved (integrative negotiations).
- Reflect on the ethical aspects of such influence strategies

The minor is relevant to:
- All students in Business Administration and Economics
- All students from other bachelor programmes that are interested in
decision making and influencing other people’s behavior (e.g. health
science, communication science, psychology, social sciences).

This minor contains 5 compulsory courses. Instead of the courses
Designing Interventions in Business and Society and Managing
Negotiations: Getting to Yes you may choose to do an internship.
Note that the internship has to be approved by the minor coordinator in
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Judgment and Decision Making Periode 1 6.0 E_BK3_JDM
Leadership: Mobilizing People Periode 1 6.0 E_BK3_LMP
Managing Negotiations: Getting to Yes Periode 2 6.0 E_BK3_MNGY
Nudge: Influencing Behavior Periode 2 6.0 E_BK3_NIB
Internship Minor Understanding and Influencing Decisions in Business and Society Periode 2+3 12.0 E_BK3_IMUID
Designing Interventions in Business and Society Periode 3 6.0 E_BK3_DIBS
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